Brothers + Roomates = Bromates

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Bromates 101

Our names are DTM and LB, we recently became roomates for the first time since we were no longer living with our parents. Basically, we’re brothers and roomates… so we’re Bromates… not to be confused with bromate anion, BrO−3, which is a bromine-based oxoanion. A bromate is a chemical compound that contains this ion. Examples of bromates include sodium bromate, (NaBrO3), and potassium bromate, (KBrO3)… blah, blah and blah (more on that here).

LB and DTM of

LB and DTM of

We’re two dudes living together doing fun things together such as road tripping, growing our hair out, sitting in the pool in our driveway drinking margaritas and the not so fun things such as cleaning… wait, we have a maid for that.

Now, being bromates is quite the adventure, but do we recommend you invite your brother to move in with you… Only if you want to. We encourage everyone to reevaluate their current living situation and ask themselves… “Would I be better off with a bromate?”

Don’t want to move in just yet? Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates about being bromates… such as “DTM is listening to Pink again on his workout mix… it’s 6 a.m… FML” – LB or “LB’s nagging about my work out mix again… he’s definitely the girl in this Bromationship” – DTM

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